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First... learn how we're keeping you safe from COVID-19.

How Has COVID-19 Changed Dentistry?
Learn how we're keeping you safe.
See the New Karmazin Dental
Take a tour of our safe and clean dental office.

Meet our Sioux Falls dentists - virtually!

How Corey Met Molly
Hear how this duo team got started!
Corey vs. Molly
The Chip and Joanna of dentistry!
Corey vs. Molly (Round 2!)
Get to know our dentists behind the scenes.
The Heart of Karmazin Dental
Continuing Dental Education Is Our Passion
Psst: Be sure to ask us about our CE!
What Dental Patients Don’t Realize
Dentists have specialities - that's a good thing!
"My Friend Is Afraid of the Dentist."
Dr. Molly shares what you can tell her.
How Dr. Corey Enters Our Office
Every. Single. Day.

Now... Let's meet your dedicated dental team!

Next Level Dentistry & Service
Meet Kristi - our dental hygienist!
Receive Comfortable Dentistry
Meet Wendy, our Patient Care Coordinator.
A Positive and Upbeat Dental Office
See how we make your dental visits SO relaxing.
Want a Good Laugh?
Check out our bloopers!

Take a Look at Our Patient-Perfect Services

Eliminate Snoring Through Dental Appliances
See how we can combat sleep apnea!
Applying Technology in Dentistry
Technology is evolving. See how we keep up!
A Special Type of Dental Patient
Become one of our extraordinary patients.
Dental X-Rays Video
Are they safe? Why do you need them?

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