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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Thinking about dental implants?

One of the first questions patients frequently ask is:

How much do dental implants cost?

It’s no secret that dental implants aren’t cheap, and you’ll likely want to know if you can afford the treatment in the first place.

The short answer is:

A dental implant costs a couple of thousand dollars.

But before we get into the cost specifics, let’s quickly discuss the value of dental implants.

Are dental implants worth it?

Yes! Dental implants are the #1 option to replace missing or beyond-repairable teeth.

When compared to bridges or dentures, dental implants:

  • Require less maintenance
  • Last longer
  • Demand far fewer appointments over time
  • Are permanent
  • Look, feel, and function like natural teeth
  • Prevent bone deterioration
  • Prevent premature aging and that sunken denture look
  • Don’t damage surrounding teeth
  • Prevent teeth from shifting
  • Restore your bite
  • Allow you to eat your favorite foods again without discomfort
  • Help you speak naturally
  • Require the same maintenance as natural teeth
  • Boost your confidence

The winner is clear! There isn’t a better alternative to replace natural teeth than with dental implants.

However, sticker shock may make you question getting a dental implant.

Dental implants cost quite a bit more than bridges and dentures upfront.

But the truth is:

Dental implants are usually the cheapest option long term. 

How so?

Take these into consideration:

  • Longevity: Traditional bridges and dentures need replacing every 7+ years. A dental implant post can last forever if cared for properly, and an implant-retained restoration lasts 10-20 years on average.
  • Maintenance: Because implants preserve your bone structure, you won’t have to worry about bone deteriorating and having to continually adjust your restoration to look right or fit properly (which are common problems with dentures).
  • Appointments: Getting a dental implant usually takes two appointments. Thereafter, you’ll just need to visit the dentist every six months for an exam and cleaning. No ongoing adjustments!
  • Health benefits: Replacing your entire tooth will help you maintain your oral health and prevent dental problems, like uneven wear and teeth shifting, which are costly to fix.

This is why dental implants are highly recommended!

Plus, most dentists accept dental insurance or offer financing to make it even more affordable – more to come on that, but first, let’s break down costs.

How much do dental implants cost?

The national average for a single dental implant is between $3,000 to $4,500. Source: Ask the Dentist

According to Ask the Dentist… This text opens a new tab to the page…, the national average for a single dental implant is between $3,000 to $4,500.

According to Delta Dental’s cost estimator… This text opens a new tab to the cost estimator page…, the average cost for a single dental implant in Sioux Falls is between $4,441 to $5,405.

At Karmazin Dental, we charge less than $4,000 on average for a single dental implant to get placed and restored.

What do these prices include?

Generally speaking, it includes:

  • Implant surgery
  • Implant post
  • Abutment
  • Crown

However, never assume this! Always ask for a cost breakdown of what’s included.

There are also other costs to keep in mind which are frequently excluded from the “dental implant” fee, like:

  • Extraction
  • Exam
  • CBCT scan
  • X-ray
  • Bone graft
  • Gum graft
  • Sedation dentistry, such as general anesthesia or nitrous oxide

And always remember that every case is different. Costs will widely vary from the tooth, person, dentist, state, and so forth.

The only way to find out exactly how much a dental implant will cost you is to schedule a consultation.

Why are dental implants so expensive?

The short answer:

A dental implant is a complex treatment that requires advanced skills, technology, and materials. And while rare, there are risks associated with dental implant surgery. Therefore, not just any dentist can perform this procedure.

If you ever find a “cheap” or “discounted” deal on dental implants, stay clear. It’s likely too good to be true or unsafe.

Full answer:

Usually, dental implant dentists aren’t your typical family dentist. They have extensive training and education beyond dental school and exceed the minimum requirements for continuing education.

Modern technology is also required to plan the precise placement of your dental implant accurately. Your dentist will need to see your bone structure, bone depth, sinuses, nerves, and other important anatomical features. For this, conventional two-dimensional x-rays won’t do. You will need a 3D CBCT scan.

Another reason is the materials. You want your implant to last and look natural, right? That’s why dentists use high-quality materials, like porcelain and titanium.

Our implant dentists, Drs. Molly and Corey Karmazin, create custom restorations in-house with digital impressions for the best fit and appearance. Check out our real patient’s before-and-after dental implant photo below.

When you combine all these factors, it’s easy to see why this isn’t a “cheap” treatment. But it’s also the reason why dental implants have an incredibly high success rate at 95%!

Before-and-after photo of a front tooth dental implant at Karmazin Dental

Does dental insurance cover implants?

It depends on your plan.

Most often, dental insurance plans that include dental implant coverage will pay 50% of the costs, assuming you haven’t already met your annual maximum. And they may have stipulations, such as requiring you to see an in-network provider to utilize this coverage.

According to Investopedia… This text opens a new tab to the Investopedia website…, here are the 5 top dental insurance plans for dental implants:

  1. Delta Dental Insurance… This text opens a new tab to the Delta Dental website…
  2. Denali Dental… This text opens a new tab to the Denali Dental website…
  3. Spirit Dental & Vision… This text opens a new tab to the Spirit Dental website…
  4. Ameritas… This text opens a new tab to the Ameritas website…
  5. Cigna Dental… This text opens a new tab to the Cigna Dental website…

A helpful tip to maximize your dental insurance benefits:

Ask your dentist if you can split your treatment into two financial years. The implant placement in year one and the restoration in year two.

This little trick has helped our patients save hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars, and when timed right, it doesn’t impact your treatment at all.

Need financial assistance to pay for the uncovered amount? Don’t have dental insurance?

Most dentists don’t expect you to have big lump sums of money readily available, nor do they want you to avoid treatment or seek lower-quality care because of costs. That’s why you should always ask about financing options!

For example, at Karmazin Dental, we offer third-party financing through CareCredit… This text opens a new tab to the CareCredit website….

Want a quote for your dental implant treatment?

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Drs. Molly and Corey Karmazin offer the entire dental implant treatment under one roof. We’ve all the training, technology, and experience you’d want in a trusted restorative dental office. Plus, we offer platelet-rich fibrin and platelet-rich plasma therapy to help your implant heal faster.

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