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Are Dental Implants as Good as Real Teeth?

A man who replaced missing teeth with dental implants in Sioux Falls, SD.

Yes, a dental implant is the next best alternative to a healthy natural tooth. Unlike traditional bridges and dentures that only replace the visible portion of a tooth, a dental implant also replaces its root.

Drs. Molly and Corey Karmazin recommend this tooth replacement because it:

  • Looks and functions like a real tooth

  • Stops bone loss and stimulates new growth

  • Supports your face, avoiding that sunken look

  • Allows you to eat without discomfort (hello again, steaks & apples)

  • Helps you speak naturally and smile confidently again

  • Prevents adjacent teeth from shifting and other dental problems

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What Makes Our Dental Implants So Successful?

Quick answer: Modern technology and skill!

We use advanced 3D digital x-rays and technology to plan your treatment from start to finish, minimizing your risk of complications and unsuccessful implantation.

Quick Healing

Using platelet-rich fibrin and platelet-rich plasma therapy, we’ll speed up your healing process and reduce bleeding. This is especially helpful if you need a bone graft!

In-Office Surgery

Our doctors are trained and experienced to complete your entire implant treatment under one roof. Plus, we offer dental sedation to keep you relaxed, if necessary.

Flawless Restorations

Using precise digital impressions (no gaggy mess), we’ll design and create your custom restoration in-house. Your new tooth will blend in seamlessly and function just like the real one.

Built to Last

Dental implants are biocompatible, extremely durable, resistant to decay, and long lasting. This makes dental implants a cost-effective decision long term.


We’ll take care of all your dental care needs before, during, and after your implant. From regular cleanings (a must for healthy dental implants!) to cosmetic improvements, you’re covered.

Why Choose Us?

We're relentless about being the BEST.

Our husband-and-wife duo, Drs. Molly and Corey Karmazin, hold themselves to a very high standard of patient-focused dentistry.

They’re always striving to improve your dental care and experience, whether that’s investing in the latest technology, taking extensive continuing education courses, or adapting our techniques or amenities for your comfort and convenience.

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‘‘Each visit, I’m met with complete care for my individual dental needs. They make long-term plans that keep me comfortable and knowing what to expect with upcoming technology. I’ve been with Karmazin Dental for 13 years. I choose them because of their commitment to continuing education. And, they continue to stay the most advanced in dental technology.

Alicia D., 5-Star Google Review

Want to Know More?

Check out this Q&A on dental implants in Sioux Falls, SD.

  • What’s the cost of dental implants in Sioux Falls, SD?

    At Karmazin Dental, the cost of getting a single dental implant placed is under $2,000 on average.

    The cost for a single implant restoration is typically under $2,000 as well.

    Other costs to keep in mind:

    • Extraction
    • Exam
    • CBCT scan
    • Bone graft
    • Number of implants placed
    • Type of restoration

    Click here to learn more about the cost of dental implants.

    To prevent costs from stopping you, we offer multiple financing options, including dental insurance and payments extended throughout your treatment (6-12 months).

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  • How much does insurance pay for dental implants?

    Many dental insurance policies that include dental implant coverage will pay up to 50% of the implant placement and restoration cost, assuming you haven’t already met your annual maximum.

    One way to get the most out of your benefits is to split your treatment into two financial years. The implant placement in year one and the restoration in year two.

    Our team will go over all your financial options during your consultation to help you save the most money.

  • Is it OK not to replace a missing tooth?

    If you don’t replace a missing tooth, you put yourself at risk for:

    • Bone loss
    • Bite issues
    • Jaw pain
    • Teeth shifting
    • Premature aging
    • Difficulty eating and speaking
    • Lowered self-esteem

    As you can see, many complications come with missing teeth, and they tend to worsen over time.

    So, if you’re missing a tooth, no matter how long it’s been, we invite you to schedule a consultation to explore your tooth replacement options.

  • Do dental implants hurt?

    No, getting a dental implant does not hurt, and there’s less pain post-operatively than with a tooth extraction.

    Most patients feel relaxed and comfortable with the local anesthetic keeping the surgical site numb throughout the entire procedure.

    However, if you suffer from dental anxiety or fear, then a sedative may help you. We offer oral sedation and nitrous oxide (laughing gas), depending on your needs.

Dental Implants Are Worth It…

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