Dental Cleaning
Sioux Falls, SD


Dental Cleaning
Sioux Falls, SD

Dental Cleaning

The best possible way to avoid dental problems such as cavities, gum disease, dental pain and other emergencies is to simply prevent them in the first place. A diligent at-home oral hygiene routine, plus visits to see Karmazin Dental for regular check-ups and dental cleanings every 6 months, is an unbeatable combination in prevention.


The AGD, Academy of General Dentistry, strongly recommends that you receive a proper dental cleaning every six months. This professional dental cleaning reinforces your home-care oral health regimen of brushing and flossing and gives us an opportunity to locate areas in the mouth that might need additional attention.


Compassionate, efficient, and effective is how to describe the entire team at Karmazin Dental. The skills of each team member are unparalleled in the area. We live and breathe a collaborative approach in developing your personal oral health plan. You will not find a more technologically advanced practice that offers a more relaxing and comfortable setting. Your smile is our priority because we all strongly believe that your smile is a foundational gateway to your personality. It can drive your level of self-esteem and self-confidence. Call, text, or email us for an appointment for an evaluation on the benefits of a professional dental cleaning for you. Our number is 605-323-1320 and you can find the entire team at Karmazin Dental, 5701 S. Remington Pl, Sioux Fall, SD 57108, where we have plenty of free parking.


If you regularly practice good oral hygiene at home with proper brushing and flossing techniques, you usually do not experience any discomfort during a cleaning. If you have neglected your oral hygiene habits, you may experience some discomfort or sensitivity during a dental cleaning. We can use a topical anesthetic or even a mild dental sedation before the cleaning to alleviate any discomfort.


What we know, is that our patients FEEL our passion.  They feel that we are their biggest cheerleaders.  They feel that we want the best for them.   They do NOT feel judged.  We want to give every patient the opportunity to say YES to the best dental care.


The Dental Cleaning Process

Regular dental cleanings usually come in conjunction with a comprehensive oral exam.  Once the exam has been completed, unless Karmazin Dental has diagnosed gum disease, we will perform a regular cleaning, or prophylaxis.  If you have gum disease, our team will recommend a deep cleaning to treat the infection and disease first and allow your mouth to heal.


During the first step of your regular cleaning, we will use a handheld scaler or an ultrasonic scaler to remove debris, calculus, and plaque from between your teeth and around your gum line.


When the scaling is finished, we will follow up with a polishing using a special paste and will polish each tooth one at a time. Finally, we will carefully floss your teeth using dental floss.


During your dental cleaning, you will receive diagnostic and preventive services from Karmazin Dental as well as any needed educational information.


Diagnostic services will include:


  • Reviewing and updating your medical history, including information about heart problems, pregnancy, diabetes, and medications, which might impact your oral health.
  • Oral cancer examination and screening.
  • An extensive evaluation of your gum tissue.
  • Checking biting, chewing, and swallowing patterns.
  • Examination of your teeth to detect decay.
  • X-rays to identify any problems below the surface.

Preventive services may include:


  • The removal of plaque and tartar.
  • Identifying stains and possible removal.
  • Possible fluoride application.
  • Possible dental sealants (for children).
  • Polishing teeth, including fillings and crowns.
  • Cleaning and adjustment of dentures and partial dentures.

Educational services might include:


  • Tooth brushing and flossing techniques.
  • Nutritional counseling for your diet.
  • Recommendations for future treatment: when to return for follow-up hygiene treatment, periodontal (gum) concerns or restorative options.
  • Evaluation of self-care effectiveness.
  • Tobacco suggestions.

That is all there is to it. Once your cleaning is finished, we will follow up with you about any treatment that has been recommended and make any necessary follow up appointments.


karmazin is

It's a Team Thing. Here at Karmazin Dental, we invest heavily in recruitment of  “A+” team members.  Everyone on Team Karmazin has unparallel talent and an ongoing commitment to continuing education.  No matter who you see at your appointment, you can be assured that you will be met with a wealth of experience and knowledge not to mention, unequaled customer service.


karmazin is

Not Insurance Driven. The restrictions and limitations that dental insurance puts on its members and Dentists is continuously changing and it is not always for the betterment of the patient.   Our focus at Karmazin Dental is to provide patients with the best course of treatment for them, period.  For patients without dental insurance, we offer and in house membership plan, which gives the power BACK to our patients.  By removing the restrictions of what insurance says they will or will not cover, patients get to spend their money the way they want.


Our philosophy is

Growth: Always in ALL – Ways

Gratitude: Our patients provide EVERYTHING

Relentless: Clinical Excellence & continuing OUR education

Never Settle: Provide excellence but have the humility to know we will never get there. There is always something more to do, learn and improve upon.

20/20: Complete transparency with our patients and our team.

Integrity to the Core: Do what we say and say what we think.

Dental Cleaning for Adults

We recommend that adults receive teeth cleanings at least twice a year. Good oral health is important regardless of how old you are. As we age, our risk for an oral infection continues to increase. The older our teeth get, the more the protective enamel begins to wear away, and it will become easier to get a cavity. The best way to combat this is by always brushing and flossing throughout the day in addition to visiting Karmazin Dental on a regular basis. We offer flexible appointment times so that you can schedule your appointment around your family or work schedule, making it easier to keep your teeth clean.

Pediatric Dental Cleanings for Children

At Karmazin Dental, we recommend that you bring your child in for oral exams and cleanings beginning at 12 months, and every 6 months after that.  Bringing your child in early and regularly is a way to create a good habit and establish your child’s confidence and comfort during regular dental visits and develop a positive relationship with our staff.



Karmazin Dental LOVES continuing education.  This means we invest a SIGNIFICANT amount of time and money to learning from the BEST in the country.  This ignites our passion and allows us to bring advanced knowledge back to our patients.  WE invest heavily in technology.  This technology aids us in proper diagnosis and helps us to make the best decisions on our patients’ behalf.

Dental Cleaning for Sensitive Teeth

At Karmazin Dental, we always practice gentle dentistry and provide teeth cleanings if you have sensitive teeth. Many adults avoid visiting the dentist because of their concern that their teeth will hurt and feel worse during the exam or subsequent cleaning. When working with our caring staff, you can feel comfortable regardless of how sensitive your teeth are. We can offer a variety of sedation methods so that you do not have to feel anything while getting your dental cleaning and examinations. Whether you need something for anxiety or for discomfort, we can create a treatment plan that includes sedation so you will remain comfortable.

We Love Creating Beautiful Smiles

The entire team at Karmazin Dental share the exceptional passion radiating from Drs. Molly and Corey Karmazin. Each member of the team works diligently to provide modern dental technology, loving care, and time conscious service. You will find five unique qualities that each team member shares. We believe in and practice team ethics and we collectively make every day and every appointment fun. The unbridled desire for continuing education brings to you a higher level of expertise and skills. You will leave with a smile after experiencing our patience and positive attitudes. We share the simple goal of making your smile the invaluable asset it should be. Please call, text, or email to make your appointment for an evaluation of the benefits of a professional dental cleaning and exam for you.


Our number is 605-323-1320 and we have plenty of convenient parking at our office, 5701 S. Remington Pl, Sioux Falls, SD 57108. At Karmazin Dental we want to achieve perfection with every procedure, but we will accept excellence.