Patient Experience


Patient Experience

THE NEW patient experience at Karmazin Dental

At Karmazin Dental we LOVE to welcome new patients into our practice.  We cannot wait for you to FEEL our passion for dentistry.  If you want a quick visit and to be out of here in 30 minutes, we are NOT THE OFFICE FOR YOU.  We spend time collecting lots of data in the form of photos, x-rays, and digital scans.  It is this data that leads us to making GOOD DECISIONS on your behalf.  We do NOT cut corners here at Karmazin Dental.  No compromises will be made. We want you to know we are giving you our best.  Karmazin Dental attracts a unique patient: a patient that is health focused, a patient that would rather prevent an emergency than wait for one, a patient that wants to keep their teeth for a lifetime, and a patient that wants a PARTNER in their dental health.  We cannot wait to be your partner!  Drs. Corey and Molly work together as a team making the best decisions for their patients.  There are 2 sets of eyes looking at our patient’s health.  Not only 2 sets of eyes, but we utilize our dental specialists to make sure our patients have the best care.

1. Your first visit to Karmazin Dental: The Data Collection appointment

We obtain a thorough and accurate medical and dental history from every patient.  Some patient ask why we need so much information.  There are many medical conditions that affect the mouth.  Have you had a joint replaced and your orthopedic surgeon recommends an antibiotic before dental work?  Have you had a recent heart attack?  Any form of chemo or radiation that affected your saliva flow?  These are all examples of things that are critical for us to know as your dental care provider.  Do these forms take time, yes they do, but this enables us to make good decisions about your dental care and we ALL WANT THAT.


Next we are getting all the data.  We take a full mouth series of radiographs.  This captures images of where teeth touch and apex of all the roots.  We asses bone health with these and these also diagnose cavities.  Without these images we cannot see everything we need to see therefor could miss something.  Again, here at Karmazin Dental we don’t like to compromise when it comes to our patients health.


A CBCT scan is taken.  This provides us with a 3D image of the jaw.  This is where we look for cancers, tumors, joint health and overall jaw bone health.


Our Itero 3D element scanner allows us to get a quick digital scan of your mouth.  This shows tooth health, gum tissue health and allows us to show you how your teeth come together in both form and function.


PHOTOS.  PHOTOS.  PHOTOS.  We love photos at Karmazin Dental.  Not only are we getting photos of your smile, but we are getting photos of each individual tooth as well.


We complete a Full Periodontal Evaluation of every tooth.  Our periodontal health is KEY to the foundation of our teeth.  Our amazing dental hygienists are passionate about periodontal health and maintaining that health for a lifetime.  NO 2 PATIENTS ARE ALIKE.  Not every patient needs the same type of dental cleaning.  Every visit is individualized for our patients and our dental hygienists are highly trained and love to educate our patients.


Our comprehensive dental exam is where we look at each tooth in the mouth and then look at how they are functioning all together.  For example:  we see a tooth that has significant wear happening to it.  We put our detective hats on and try to determine why this is happening, how can we stop it and how is this to be treated in the future.  Dentistry is challenging and all this information helps us to make the best decision for our patients.

2. Co-Discovery and Education: Coming up with a personalized treatment care plan

We don’t just tell you what you need done, we co-discover with our patients so we can make the best decisions for their dental health together.


What does Co-discovery mean to you?  We go through all this data.  We show you the photos.  We show you the x-rays.  Our patients take an active role in their care.  This builds a trusting foundation for a relationship between a dentist and the patient.


We believe in transparency.  Our patients know WHY we are recommending treatment and helps them feel involved in their dental care choices.

3. Before you Go: Sitting down with our Treatment Success Manager

Once all of the data has been collected, analyzed and Dr. Karmazin and you, the patient, have gone through the findings, our patients will sit down with our Treatment Success Manager.  This is where we will go though all questions that have not already been addressed, we will talk about timing and scheduling as well as financial cost and financing.  We actively work with our patients to ensure that their treatment will fit within their time constraints and budget.