Tooth Extractions
Sioux Falls, SD


Tooth Extractions
Sioux Falls, SD

Tooth Extractions

A dental tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from the socket. Extractions become necessary for a variety of reasons, but most often because the tooth has become unrestorable due to tooth decay, periodontal disease, or dental trauma. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause infections and may need to be removed. In orthodontics if the teeth are crowded, healthy teeth may be extracted to create space so the rest of the teeth can be straightened.


Americans over the age of 65 still have most of their natural teeth. With new advances in the dental technology, there are many new ways of keeping natural teeth clean and free of bacteria and decay. Yet, no matter how hard we try, our teeth can still become infected and need to be treated immediately.


Compassionate, efficient, and effective is how to describe the entire team at Karmazin Dental. The skills of each team member are unparalleled in the area. We live and breathe a collaborative approach in developing your personal oral health plan. You will not find a more technologically advanced practice that offers a more relaxing and comfortable setting. Your smile is our priority because we all strongly believe that your smile is a foundational gateway to your personality. It can drive your level of self-esteem and self-confidence. Call, text, or email us for an appointment for an evaluation on the benefits of a tooth extraction for you. Our number is 605-323-1320 and you can find the entire team at Karmazin Dental, 5701 S. Remington Pl, Sioux Fall, SD 57108, where we have plenty of free parking.


What we know, is that our patients FEEL our passion.  They feel that we are their biggest cheerleaders.  They feel that we want the best for them.   They do NOT feel judged.  We want to give every patient the opportunity to say YES to the best dental care.


When Is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

We can often repair a tooth that is broken or damaged by decay with a filling, crown, or other dental treatment. Sometimes, the damage is just too severe to repair, and Karmazin Dental must recommend a tooth extraction. Here are some other reasons tooth extraction might be necessary:


  • Injury or trauma- Accidents do happen, and when one involves a tooth, it can cause extreme pain. Karmazin Dental can repair damaged teeth by using a dental filling placed in the cracks or fractures that were caused by the trauma. The cracks need to be filled to prevent any infection from spreading, and to prevent any decay. If a filling will not suffice, we might suggest a dental crown. A dental crown is used to cover the entire tooth above the gum line. When neither of these options will work to prevent decay from spreading, our team has no choice but to extract the tooth to prevent further damage.
  • Decay or infection- Inside every one of our natural teeth, there is a soft tissue called the pulp that is connected to the nerves of our tooth. When the tooth becomes damaged and it begins to decay into the pulp, the pulp becomes infected. When the pulp becomes infected, it can cause serious toothaches. Often these infected teeth can be saved by our team by performing a root canal therapy.
  • Gum Disease- One of the primary causes of natural tooth loss is periodontal disease. This is a gum disease that causes the gums to detach from the teeth when there is an excessive amount of plaque or tartar build up around the gum line. The gums pull away from the teeth that create pockets that become infected. This is when your gums becoming extremely swollen, red and bleed often. If left untreated, the connectivity tissue that holds your teeth will lose its grip on your teeth because of the bacteria. In some cases, your teeth will start to loosen up and Karmazin Dental may need to extract them.
  • Lack of Space- Orthodontic treatment could require tooth extraction to create room for the teeth as they move into place.

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It's a Team Thing. Here at Karmazin Dental, we invest heavily in recruitment of  “A+” team members.  Everyone on Team Karmazin has unparallel talent and an ongoing commitment to continuing education.  No matter who you see at your appointment, you can be assured that you will be met with a wealth of experience and knowledge not to mention, unequaled customer service.


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Not Insurance Driven. The restrictions and limitations that dental insurance puts on its members and Dentists is continuously changing and it is not always for the betterment of the patient.   Our focus at Karmazin Dental is to provide patients with the best course of treatment for them, period.  For patients without dental insurance, we offer and in house membership plan, which gives the power BACK to our patients.  By removing the restrictions of what insurance says they will or will not cover, patients get to spend their money the way they want.


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Growth: Always in ALL – Ways

Gratitude: Our patients provide EVERYTHING

Relentless: Clinical Excellence & continuing OUR education

Never Settle: Provide excellence but have the humility to know we will never get there. There is always something more to do, learn and improve upon.

20/20: Complete transparency with our patients and our team.

Integrity to the Core: Do what we say and say what we think.

A Common Extraction, Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth usually erupt in our late teens or twenty-something age. In many cases, wisdom teeth grow in crooked and start pushing your other teeth in different directions, causing a misalignment. Karmazin Dental removes wisdom teeth quite often, whether they are grown in or are still impacted under the gum line, we can remove them simply or surgically.


We often recommend having your wisdom teeth removed before they start growing in and causing problems. Even if your wisdom teeth have grown in and have caused you no problems, they can easily cause you trouble in the future as they are the hardest teeth to clean and they become more susceptible to infection in your thirties and forties.

Preparation for a Tooth Extraction

Before removing a tooth, Karmazin Dental will thoroughly review your medical and dental history and take the necessary X-rays. X-rays reveal the shaped, length, and position of the tooth and surrounding bone. From this information, we can determine the best way to remove the tooth.

Before removal during a simple extraction, we will numb the immediate area around your tooth using a local anesthetic. During a surgical extraction we may find it beneficial to add dental sedation, which can range from conscious sedation to general anesthesia.

Two Types of Tooth Extraction Procedures

  • Simple Procedure- Using a local anesthetic to numb the immediate area, we will simply loosen your tooth and pull it out with a tool called an elevator. This procedure is done when the tooth that needs to be extracted has grown above the gum line for easy access. We will use dental tools to lift it up and out of the gum line for a clean extraction.
  • Surgical Procedure- A surgical extraction is a more complicated procedure as it requires us to cut into the gum line to retrieve the tooth. This is often needed during an impacted wisdom tooth extraction or if a tooth is broken well below the gum line. A local anesthetic will eliminate any discomfort felt during these types or extractions. We can also discuss a dental sedation to address your anxiety.



Karmazin Dental LOVES continuing education.  This means we invest a SIGNIFICANT amount of time and money to learning from the BEST in the country.  This ignites our passion and allows us to bring advanced knowledge back to our patients.  WE invest heavily in technology.  This technology aids us in proper diagnosis and helps us to make the best decisions on our patients’ behalf.

Following Your Tooth Extraction

The most important thing following a tooth extraction, is keeping the area clean and preventing infection. Immediately after your procedure, Karmazin Dental will ask you to bite down gently on a piece of sterile gauze, which should remain while clotting takes place. We will provide aftercare instructions, but for 24 hours following your extraction, you should not smoke, rinse your mouth vigorously, or clean the teeth next to the extraction site.


You can expect some minor discomfort following an extraction. We may recommend a pain reliever or prescribe one. It will help to apply an ice pack to your cheek to reduce swelling. You should also limit strenuous activity, as well as avoid hot liquids and not to drink through a straw.

We Love Creating Beautiful Smiles

The entire team at Karmazin Dental share the exceptional passion radiating from Drs. Molly and Corey Karmazin. Each member of the team works diligently to provide modern dental technology, loving care, and time conscious service. You will find five unique qualities that each team member shares. We believe in and practice team ethics and we collectively make every day and every appointment fun. The unbridled desire for continuing education brings to you a higher level of expertise and skills. You will leave with a smile after experiencing our patience and positive attitudes. We share the simple goal of making your smile the invaluable asset it should be. Please call, text, or email to make your appointment for an evaluation of the benefits of a tooth extraction for you.


Our number is 605-323-1320 and we have plenty of convenient parking at our office, 5701 S. Remington Pl, Sioux Falls, SD 57108. At Karmazin Dental we want to achieve perfection with every procedure, but we will accept excellence.