Full Mouth Reconstruction
Sioux Falls, SD


Full Mouth Reconstruction
Sioux Falls, SD

Full Mouth Reconstruction

A full mouth reconstruction involves more than one procedure for your mouth to improve its appearance and functionality. The reason why this treatment is called a full mouth reconstruction is that it includes more than one cosmetic dental procedure. These procedures usually include anything from fillings, dental bridges, dental crowns, dental implants, tooth extractions, veneers and more. In addition to the procedures for the teeth, a full mouth reconstruction will also repair and restore your gums to ensure total oral health in all aspects.


Compassionate, efficient, and effective is how to describe the entire team at Karmazin Dental. The skills of each team member are unparalleled in the area. We live and breathe a collaborative approach in developing your personal oral health plan. You will not find a more technologically advanced practice that .offers a more relaxing and comfortable setting. Your smile is our priority because we all strongly believe that your smile is a foundational gateway to your personality. It can drive your level of self-esteem and self-confidence. Call, text, or email us for an appointment for an evaluation on the benefits of a full mouth reconstruction plan for you. Our number is 605-323-1320 and you can find the entire team at Karmazin Dental, 5701 S. Remington Pl, Sioux Fall, SD 57108, where we have plenty of free parking.


Having a smile that you are unhappy with can drain your self-confidence. If you find yourself hiding your smile, then it may be time to investigate cosmetic dentistry. The dental industry continues to introduce new technology every year with new procedures that can correct anything in the mouth. There are multiple treatment options available now to correct and improve your smile, depending on your preferences. A full mouth reconstruction involves combining several different treatments that focus on different issues in your smile.


Using these technological advances, Karmazin Dental can recommend the best treatment options for you. With a full mouth reconstruction, we will first plan your smile transformation journey during a consultation. This is the appointment in which all details about your procedures will be discussed.


What we know, is that our patients FEEL our passion.  They feel that we are their biggest cheerleaders.  They feel that we want the best for them.   They do NOT feel judged.  We want to give every patient the opportunity to say YES to the best dental care.


Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedures

There are many treatment options available for a full mouth reconstruction. Karmazin Dental will go over all options that will benefit your smile transformation. It is important to remember that we have your oral health in mind as a top priority. Aesthetic treatments will be delayed if your teeth, gums, or bone tissue are unhealthy to start with. These issues must be addressed prior to any aesthetic treatments.


  • Periodontal Care- If during the detailed exam we found an advanced stage of gum disease, this would need to be treated immediately. Our recommendation will be to undergo a deep cleaning, which includes root scaling and planning or a laser treatment. The plaque will be removed from the teeth under the gumline to remove the source of the infection.
  • Bone Or Gum Grafting- A bone graft may be needed if you have left a missing tooth un-replaced and the jawbone has started to atrophy. A bone graft is needed if you are interested in replacing missing teeth with a dental implant. A dental implant needs an adequate amount of bone structure to fuse properly and offer the stability and support.
  • Root Canal Therapy- A cavity can happen if you do not brush or floss your teeth properly and an infection has developed inside a tooth’s pulp. This infection can also be the result of a crack or if there is damage to the tooth that has allowed bacteria into the tooth. A root canal will involve the removal of the infected pulp, and usually a crown will be added for protection. This is a best way to keep the natural tooth in place to ensure the smile is left natural.
  • Dental Implants- A dental implant is the best tooth replacement option available today. It is the only option that allows you to replace a missing tooth permanently. A tiny titanium post will be surgically placed into the jawbone to mimic a natural tooth root. Then an abutment and a dental crown will be added to sit on top of the gum line to aesthetically replace the tooth. This allows you to have the function and look of a natural tooth, while it also preserves the jawbone from losing density.
  • Dental Crowns- Crowns, acting like a cap, can be added to improve your smile. If a tooth has a large restoration that cannot withstand biting forces without the possibility of cracking, then a crown is often recommended. When a root canal is finished the crown of the tooth can become brittle and often a crown is required for protection. A crown can also be used to restore the look of a damaged tooth.
  • Orthodontics- Braces are a great way to correct misaligned teeth. While the treatment options for braces have advanced over the years, metal brackets and wires are still a popular option. Invisalign is growing in popularity by offering you a quick and customized way to straighten teeth with clear plastic trays. There are many benefits for straightening teeth beyond the aesthetics. Your teeth can be realigned and then also eliminate a traumatic bite, muscle pain, and jawbone deterioration.

karmazin is

It's a Team Thing. Here at Karmazin Dental, we invest heavily in recruitment of  “A+” team members.  Everyone on Team Karmazin has unparallel talent and an ongoing commitment to continuing education.  No matter who you see at your appointment, you can be assured that you will be met with a wealth of experience and knowledge not to mention, unequaled customer service.


karmazin is

Not Insurance Driven. The restrictions and limitations that dental insurance puts on its members and Dentists is continuously changing and it is not always for the betterment of the patient.   Our focus at Karmazin Dental is to provide patients with the best course of treatment for them, period.  For patients without dental insurance, we offer and in house membership plan, which gives the power BACK to our patients.  By removing the restrictions of what insurance says they will or will not cover, patients get to spend their money the way they want.


Our philosophy is

Growth: Always in ALL – Ways

Gratitude: Our patients provide EVERYTHING

Relentless: Clinical Excellence & continuing OUR education

Never Settle: Provide excellence but have the humility to know we will never get there. There is always something more to do, learn and improve upon.

20/20: Complete transparency with our patients and our team.

Integrity to the Core: Do what we say and say what we think.

The Initial Consultation to Design Your Full Mouth Reconstruction

Initially Karmazin Dental will perform a detailed exam to see exactly what can be done to adjust your smile for full optimal health, function, and aesthetics. X-rays will be taken to identify the bone structure and placement of every tooth in your smile. The x-ray will also determine if more complicated procedures will be needed to adjust or realign bone structure.


The procedures, finances, and healing times will also be discussed during this consultation. If you have any questions regarding any aspect of your plan, be sure to clarify these with us. Dental insurance may cover a small percentage of the procedures if it is required for your dental health and functionality.



Karmazin Dental LOVES continuing education.  This means we invest a SIGNIFICANT amount of time and money to learning from the BEST in the country.  This ignites our passion and allows us to bring advanced knowledge back to our patients.  WE invest heavily in technology.  This technology aids us in proper diagnosis and helps us to make the best decisions on our patients’ behalf.

We Love Creating Beautiful Smiles

The entire team at Karmazin Dental share the exceptional passion radiating from Drs. Molly and Corey Karmazin. Each member of the team works diligently to provide modern dental technology, loving care, and time conscious service. You will find five unique qualities that each team member shares. We believe in and practice team ethics and we collectively make every day and every appointment fun. The unbridled desire for continuing education brings to you a higher level of expertise and skills. You will leave with a smile after experiencing our patience and positive attitudes. We share the simple goal of making your smile the invaluable asset it should be. Please call, text, or email to make your appointment for an evaluation of the benefits of a full mouth reconstruction plan for you.


Our number is 605-323-1320 and we have plenty of convenient parking at our office, 5701 S. Remington Pl, Sioux Falls, SD 57108. At Karmazin Dental we want to achieve perfection with every procedure, but we will accept excellence.