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How Much Does Tooth Extraction Cost?


If you need to have your wisdom teeth extracted, or if your dentist has told you they need to extract any of your teeth, you’re probably curious about the potential costs of the treatment. Many wisdom teeth extractions are performed by oral maxillofacial surgeons, dental specialists who have participated in additional training beyond dental school and are qualified to administer general anesthesia if the procedure calls for it, though simpler extractions can also be performed by general dentists. The cost of a tooth extraction is affected by a few different factors. Emergency dental extractions are more expensive, generally; the most common type of planned tooth extraction is wisdom tooth extraction, and the cost of this type of extraction is influenced by whether the tooth that’s being extracted is impacted, whether anesthesia will be used, and even the location of the dentist and patient.


Wisdom teeth are the third molars that are farthest back in the mouth. In many cases, these teeth don’t have sufficient room to erupt fully in the mouth and might remain entirely trapped under the bone or partly erupted and angled incorrectly. Even when wisdom teeth fully erupt, your dentist may recommend extraction if the wisdom teeth are likely to crowd the other teeth or encourage tooth decay because of their inconvenient location; it can be difficult, if not impossible, to floss or brush the backs of teeth that are so far back in the mouth. The complexity of extracting each of these types of teeth will vary, along with the price.


For a simple wisdom tooth extraction, with a fully erupted tooth and local anesthesia, the price range is around $75 to $200 per tooth. This cost can be complicated by the number of roots the tooth has, as the root system of wisdom teeth is more complex than for the other teeth. For wisdom tooth extraction where the tooth is impacted, the cost of extraction using only local anesthesia is in the $225-$600 price range per tooth, though the type and level of impaction influences price. Extracting a partially erupted tooth is less complicated, and therefore less costly, than extracting a tooth that is fully beneath the jawbone.

Cost also varies depending on the type of anesthetic, the number of x-rays or other images needed, and consultation and follow-up exams. The price range for anesthesia ranges from $50-$100 for nitrous oxide to as much as $800 for full sedation, with variations in between these two extremes. The average cost for dental x-rays is around $150, and consultations and follow-up appointments average $100 per appointment. Dental insurance usually covers at least a portion of any medically necessary wisdom tooth extraction, but be sure to check with your dental and medical insurance providers before committing to any surgical procedure.


Many oral surgeons also offer a discount when all four wisdom teeth are removed in a single procedure, and it is also common for oral surgeons to offer payment plans or to work with third-party financing companies who manage payment plans for patients. Discount dental plans can also help defray the cost of tooth extraction; ask your dentist if they accept discount plans and if they recommend one they prefer.


While the price of wisdom tooth extraction may seem high, it’s important to remember that removing the wisdom teeth when your dentist recommends doing so can prevent serious, and seriously expensive, complications in the long run.


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