Gum Contouring Cost

Gum Contouring Cost?

Gum contouring is a cosmetic procedure aimed to reshape or realign your gum tissue along your teeth. There are any number of reasons your gums could have become misaligned, and many reason why you would want your gums altered. Caring for your gums properly is a vital part of any dental health routine, your gums do a lot of valuable work in the ecosystem of your mouth. Gums help to secure your teeth, provide blood flow, and protect your teeth and tooth roots from bacteria.


What causes receding gums?

Receding gums are usually the byproduct of either poor hygiene or over zealous hygiene; aka over brushing. While a lack of brushing is more commonly the culprit, over brushing is actually very common. If you are consistently trying to scrub your teeth with a hard bristle tooth brush, maybe trying to compensate for missing another day, you can cause microabrasion on the enamel surface and along the gum tissue of the teeth. Over time this abrasions become areas of calculus buildup–accumulated food and bacteria that have hardened beyond plaque. Over brushing can damage the tissue structures of the gum, or lead to infection–which is exactly what you are hoping to avoid.

Lack of hygiene is equally as responsible. If patients consistently neglect the important routines to protect their gums, eventually the tissues will fall victim to the same exposure and risk of infection. Bacteria will enter the gumline, spread, and cause tissue to pull away from the tooth and expose the root.


What are signs of Gum Disease or Gum loss?

Gum disease comes in many forms, but the signs and symptoms to see your dentist are usually the same.


* Pain- Pain is a warning sign. If something hurts one time, wait and see if the pain goes away. If your jaw or teeth are consistently feeling pain, make an appointment promptly. The longer you wait the more the problem may develop.
* Bleeding- Bleeding is not uncommon, especially for those who are new to flossing.If the bleeding is persistent, has a foul odor or taste, or is accompanied with other discharge, it is important to see someone right away. Bleeding and discharge is frequently related to infection.
* Tooth Loss- If teeth start falling out, or become loose, this is often an early sign of advanced gum disease.
* Gum Color Change/Inflammation- If your gums become pale and thin, or bright red and puffy, it probably means they are experiencing some bacterial inflammation. This will eventually develop into an infection if left untreated.


Who can I speak to about Gum Contouring and Cost?

Make an appointment with your dental care team for a cleaning and examination. If you need additional gum tissue, as about the cost and recovery process for a gum graft. If you are looking to reshape or realign gum tissue via contouring, speak with your dentist or periodontal specialist. Gum contouring is typically priced as high as 500/tooth and as low as 50/tooth.

Healing After Gum Contouring