How Long Do Zirconia Crowns Last

How Long Do Zirconia Crowns Last?
A dental crown is a protective cap that covers the visible part of a damaged tooth. It will help restore the normal shape, size, and function of the tooth and protect the tooth. Dental crowns may not last forever, but you can certainly extend the life of your crown if you practice the necessary precautions.

Why Might You Need a Dental Crown?

According to the ADA, American Dental Association, a common reason is if you have a large filling but there not enough tooth left to successfully support it, a dental crown will help both strengthen and protect the natural tooth.

Your dentist may also use a crown to:
* Restore a cracked, chipped, or broken tooth.
* Protect a fragile tooth after a root canal procedure.
* Protect a weakened tooth from fracturing.
* Support a dental bridge, or the artificial crown on a dental implant.

Dental crowns can be made from a variety of materials, some of which can last longer than others.

The Different Materials used for Dental Crowns
Several types of materials can be used in crowns, including:
* porcelain
* ceramic
* zirconia
* metal
* composite resin
* a combination of materials


As an example, you might have a porcelain crown that is fused to metal, as opposed to an all-porcelain crown.


When determining which is the best material for your crown, your dentist will consider these factors:
* Location of the tooth in your mouth.
* Function of the tooth, the amount of pressure when both biting and chewing.
* Visibility of the tooth when you smile.
* The health of your gum tissue.
* How much of the natural tooth is remaining.
* The color of the surrounding teeth


The Benefits of a Zirconia Crown
Zirconia is a type of ceramic, or crystal, and a material that combines the strength of metal with the aesthetic, natural tooth-like appeal of porcelain.
Some of the benefits of zirconium crowns are:
* They are extremely durable.
* They look completely natural and will match the color of your teeth.
* They can be created in the dental office and need less prep work than other options, resulting in having your zirconia crown placed in one appointment.
* Zirconia can also be combined with porcelain for an even more natural tooth-like appearance.
* The zirconia crown can be cemented or bonded to your tooth, giving your dentist options.
* Zirconia is biocompatible and will not cause any adverse body reactions.


What is the Life Expectancy of a Zirconia Crown?
Zirconia crowns are made from zirconium dioxide, which is an extraordinarily durable material that is related to titanium. The strength and durability of these crowns makes them extremely resistant to fracturing.
A recent study confirmed that zirconia crowns were the least likely to crack after being subjected to intense bite forces. With proper oral hygiene and daily care, a zirconia crown can last over 15 years, or even up to 30 years.
The average lifespan of a normal dental crown is around 10 to 15 years. Proper care is extremely important. By practicing good dental hygiene habits, and consistent dental checkups, some crowns can last for decades.
Your dentist will chat with you about the durability, cost, and other factors to help you determine if a zirconia crown is the best choice for you.

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