What are Dental Implants?

Sioux Falls Dental implants in the most advanced, safe and aesthetic medical approach to restore dental functions to the chewing system, jaws and face.


Dental implants - what is important to know?

Dental implants are an innovative and common surgical procedure for treating situations of tooth loss that limit daily functioning, affect the external appearance and impair the quality of life.


Lack of teeth can occur for a variety of reasons, including infections and gum disease, tooth decay, an accident or injury that caused a tooth fracture, and other causes. This condition affects the health of the mouth, impairs the ability to function normally, changes the external appearance and impairs the patient's quality of life.


The main benefits of dental implants are high success rates of the treatment, as well as fast treatment and a natural and aesthetic appearance achieved through treatment. Dental implants are an advanced and effective way of treatment in the field of oral rehabilitation, and provide a permanent, high-quality and aesthetic solution for people suffering from a tooth loss problem.


Dental implants are necessary in cases where the natural teeth have been damaged and are destined for displacement or due to lack of teeth. These conditions can occur as a result of the development of tooth decay, sabotage or severe blow to the mouth, gum disease, heavy smoking for a long time and other causes.


Who are dental implants for?

Dental implants are a surgical procedure performed in order to replace natural teeth that have been damaged or fallen out. Anyone over the age of 18 can undergo a dental implant, provided that his health condition is normal and allows it. To verify this, the dental implant specialist conducts comprehensive tests, examines the patient's age, general medical condition, possible drug sensitivities and other medical data before deciding to perform an implant. In exceptional cases, dental implants are also performed on children under the age of 18.


What exactly are dental implants?

A dental implant is a screw made of high-quality titanium that is shaped like a tooth root, which is surgically inserted and fixed to the jawbone. The dental implant serves as a replacement for the missing tooth root, and forms a base on which a permanent crown is later installed. In case several teeth are missing in the same jaw (upper or lower), it is possible to install 6-10 dental implants on which removable dentures are installed.


How is the implant insertion process done in the jaw?

Dental implants are performed with innovative technology - the specialist dentist screws the implant into the jawbone by drilling or performs a dental implant with a laser, a method that improves the accuracy of insertion. The doctor then covers the area with tissue of the gums and closes it with sutures. The invasive surgery is usually done under local anesthesia of the specific area but can also be performed under general anesthesia if the patient is very anxious about the surgery.


Following dental implant insertion treatment should be medically monitored to make sure the implant is well absorbed, and the place is properly healed. Next, the implant is exposed, and a metal dome is assembled into it, which aids in the healing process. In the last step, after the implant is well anchored, a porcelain crown is installed, the permanent replacement for the natural tooth.


Dental Implant Process